The name speaks for itself here. Malibu is the crème de la crème of beach cities worldwide. These 27 miles of beach front terrain boast the most prestigious real estate opportunities in the state. As you travel along the Pacific Coast Highway through this city, one thing is made very clear; this is heaven on earth! Malibu features Zuma Beach, Malibu Beach, Topanga Beach, Dan Blocker Beach, and Point Dume Beach, all of which have characteristics that will make you fall in love with each unique strip of golden sand. Stop by Malibu Seafood for fish tacosor to a restaurant like Nobu or Mastro’s Ocean Club for some of the best dining room views the state has to offer. Aside from the endless mansions that line the beautiful beaches, Malibu offers fantastic shopping up and down the PCH. If it is luxury you desire, Malibu has been on your mind without you even realizing.


Whether you are in the entertainment industry, a Hollywood superstar, top professional athlete, a successful entrepreneur, or a retired math teacher, Malibu welcomes you in with a warm embrace. Although celebrities are scattered throughout this paradise on earth, the narrative of the neighborhoods is that of community and connection. Malibu residences pride themselves in their ability to come together and create magical things. Truly a communal presence is felt throughout the hills and coastline of this small elegant California dream city.


Malibu is a place full of adventure, with the states most magnificent waterfalls (when there is rain) and hiking trails carved into the vast canyons. Hidden away throughout Malibu’s celebrity status are gems of California nature that many never get to experience. When you are in Malibu, time seems to be on its own schedule. Rushing is a foreign thought; just sit back and relax while you enjoy the prestige of the Malibu skyline. Have you ever watched the sunset so close to you that you truly feel as though you can touch the purple whisps of clouds that accompany this setting? Arrive at any Malibu beach prior to the descent, and watch the most amazing event life has to offer. You will never grow bored of the beauty in the nature surrounding this Malibu paradise.


The Malibu lifestyle may be one of the most referenced ways of life available to a human. The relaxed pace of this coastal city along with the vibe of excellence in the air create a feeling that is unmatched along the California Coast. From trendy hot restaurants to backyard hillside BBQs, the Malibu lifestyle is that of premium luxury. In addition, Malibu is only a few short miles down to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, allowing for an escape from paradise if needed!



  • Calabasas 13 miles by Car
  • Santa Monica 13 miles by Car
  • LAX 21 miles by Car


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